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Intelligently designed for compatibility with all Apple devices, this cable supports up to 18W power delivery so you stay connected & charged no matter where you are. Upgrade your charging game today and get the best from your device – Buy Type C to Iph TPE

Upgrade your iPhone charging experience with Type C to Iph TPE. Our cutting-edge cord has a reinforced copper core, fast-charging capability, and unmatched durability. Buy Type C to Iph TPE With no frayed ends and a sleek design, you can charge in style with Type C to Iph TPE. Get rid of the fear of wire damage and get ready for the most reliable charge you’ve ever experienced. Try Type C to Iph TPE today for a charging experience that’s both easy and safe.

A switch to USB-C would also allow for faster charging. Lightning is one of the main reasons that the iPhone’s charging speed is slower than other brands. With a USB-C connector, the iPhone would be able to have faster and more efficient charging.  

Type-C ports are able to send data at a faster rate. A USB 3.1 Type C port can transmit 4K video. The Type-C port supports charging currents of up to 5 A and can reverse charge. Type-C port structure is more refined and safer to use.

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