Warranty Policy

1) A proof of purchase is required to be eligible for a warranty.

  • Only authorized personnel may perform repairs during warranty periods. The service centers/support required details are available at the company website, www.replug.in/in/support/service-center, or you can connect to customer care via whatsapp.
  • Units installed outside the city limits of the company’s Authorized Service Center are the buyer’s responsibility. They must contact the nearest authorized center and have the unit delivered at their expense and risk.
  • All calls to the Authorized Service Center / Central Helpline are considered general explanations and returns. The purchaser is responsible for the quality of any software purchased from the company.
  • This warranty will continue and remain in effect for the unexpired period. The warranty period does not include the time required for repairs or transit, regardless of whether they are covered by warranty.
  • If the authorized service center personnel detects any damage or misuse, the warranty conditions do not apply. However, repairs will be made subject to the availability of parts.
  • If there is an unforeseen event and no spares, the depreciation rules of the company will apply to the purchaser. This will make it possible for the buyer to take the company’s commercial solution as a substitute for repairs.
  • If a company offers an extended warranty period for a product/period, the purchaser must have the warranty card registered at the nearest Authorized Service Center within two weeks of purchase. This will be at the purchaser’s expense and risk.
  • All repairs during the warranty period will be done on a “Carry” basis. The purchaser must bring the product to the Service Center, where the set has been registered for warranty service. The warranty does not cover transport costs from the place of installation to the Service Center.
  • Replug may use parts or accessories that are either new, refurbished, or reconditioned while performing repairs.
  • Replug is not liable for any loss, cost, expense, or inconvenience that may arise from the use or inability to use the product. Further, Replug is not liable for any loss or cost beyond the product’s purchase price.