USB Charger R13





USB Charger R13 are small, convenient, and features an energy-efficient design to save you money. With its advanced safety features, you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to charging your devices. Get the USB CHARGE R13 today and charge up quickly and easily! High quality charger for R13 featuring excellent design, flawless charging performance, low energy consumption and portability makes this ideal for travel or home use. Mini in size and light in weight! An ideal charger with 5V power output guarantees your device receives adequate and speedy charging time. Regulated power supply ensures safe, rapid charging for smartphones with Rapid Charge capability and circuit protection features, portable wall charger is perfect for stationary or on-the-go use allowing you to always stay connected no matter where life takes you! This cell phone power adapter keeps you always connected no matter the situation! Make sure that both home and office have an extra charger to ensure maximum charge-up time for their device. AC Travel Wall Home Wall Charger for R13 meets Indian standards; its manufacturing defect warranty ensures perfect packaging of your product upon arrival.

Manufactured using high quality and long lasting materials. A perfect replacement for the original charger. Built specifically to work on R13 devices. We test each piece thoroughly prior to shipment to ensure quality assurance.


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