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Durable Tempered Glass With scratch-resistant technology and water-resistant properties, you can trust that your watch will look great for years to come. Get ready to make a lasting impression with Watch Tempered! n

A smartwatch’s screen is its most fragile component and requires the most protection. A unique anti-reflection and anti-glare screen shield or tempered glass are both options that will add an additional degree of security. Besides obviously guarding against accidental scratches,

it will also have another use Plastic is never as strong and durable as tempered glass. Glass protectors are typically 0.3 to 0.5 mm thick, but plastic protectors are just about 0.1 mm thick and are readily scratched. Up to a point, screen protectors can protect your smartphone.

The manner that tempered glass shatter is a significant safety benefit. Tempered glass shatters into extremely little bits as opposed to huge, heavy shards that may easily inflict major injury. Even though these bits can still cut people, the wounds are usually much less serious.

Although significantly stronger than regular glass, tempered glass will completely shatter when it does break. Your vulnerability to forced entrance is increased as a result, given how simple it is for criminals to gain entry by shattering just one piece of glass.

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Weight 800 kg

White with Gold, Black


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